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Diamond Information

Mined Diamond Information 


The clarity of a Diamond is dependent on the natural marks inside the stone which are formed as clouds and feathers. Most Diamonds contain inclusions that occur when they are formed by nature, almost like birthmarks. It is only the size, quantity and location of any marks within a stone that determine the clarity or purity of each Diamond.

We prefer to buy Vs-Si in clarity for our stock and negotiate very good discounts for our stock in these clarities. We have a updated daily list of stones from IF – I3 in all sizes .


The colour scale is graded on letters and starts at D(rare white) and finishes at I for white Diamonds. From J – M diamonds show more colour through slight yellow down to a brown tinge. Below M are the natural fancy colours such as intense yellow and champagne.

Kingston Jewellers currently purchase Diamonds from D-J in Brilliant cut and D-I in fancy cuts. We prefer to certificate any stone D-G in colour  but please ask for our online list.


In order to reflect all of the light, a well cut Diamond should have great proportions so it performs with the upmost sparkle and not look dull or lifeless.

There are a number of different shapes with, Brilliant and Princess, being the most popular and , Radiant, Asscher, Emerald and Pear are classified as fancy cuts.

Brilliants diamonds are cut to a specific proportions and we only choose Diamonds with very good proportions and from our small selection of very good cutters in Europe.


Every Diamond is individual like a snowflake and our years of experience enable our buyers to select the stones that are perfect for the Jewellery that we manufacture. We have spent many years building relationships the best suppliers in Europe so you benefit from our direct sourcing.

We have been buying Diamonds and retailing in Yorkshire since the 1960’s and every stone we select in approved by our Diamond specialist. You can buy from us with confidence knowing you are purchasing a diamond that has been through this process and has the Kingston Quality logo and Value for Money.

Lab Grown Diamond Information 

HTHP Diamonds 

High Temperature , High Pressure Diamonds 

First discovered in the 1950's the process involves using a seed of a Diamond which through high pressure and temperature the crystal is forced to grow in the same way that diamonds were formed under the ground . The process is now so advanced that stones up to 10ct and D Colour Flawless can be grown .


Chemical Vapour Deposition 

A sliver of an existing Type IIA  diamond, otherwise known as a “seed”, is placed in an environment that contains a specific recipe of carbon compounds. The seed is then subjected to a process called Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD), wherein the crystals are formed from hot plasma in layers, like semiconductors. What results is a real Created Rough Diamond with all the natural properties of a mined diamond.

The four C's that are applied to all mined Diamonds can also be applied to any man or lab grown Diamonds as they are exactly the same chemically and physically .


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