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Nova Lab Diamond Rings

Nova Lab Diamond Rings

 What makes a Lab Grown Diamond so special in comparison to a mined Diamond


Nova Lab Grown Diamonds and mined diamonds are the same.

They both share the same physical, chemical, and optical properties.

The only difference is their origin. Lab Grown Diamonds are grown  above ground using cutting-edge technology and mined diamonds are found in the ground.

They are 100% carbon, exactly like a mined diamond and there is no other intervention once crystal growth begins.

As with roses you would order from a florist, they would not go out to a field and hand pick your bouquet, they would be from a greenhouse. Lab Grown Diamonds are using the same laws of nature to create a diamond, conflict free and in an eco-friendly way while, preserving our environment.

Lab Grown Diamonds are also about 30% less money than mined diamonds.


Advantages of Our Lab Grown Diamonds

  • Conflict Free
  • More affordable than mined Diamonds
  • Ethically sourced and traceable
  • Certificated and laser inscription 
  • Grown from the best Diamond, Type IIa Diamond material
  • Chosen by our experts with thirty years  experience of buying in the Diamond Industry


Why choose to buy your jewellery from us

  • Thirty years experience as Diamond specialists
  • Experienced Diamond Jewellery Manufacturers
  • All Jewellery is made in the UK
  • We only use the best metal casters in the UK and Germany for all our metals
  • All our Rings are hand made and set in our workshop in Yorkshire .


We are able to make jewellery in the following metals

  • Nine carat white and yellow
  • Eighteen carat
  • Platinum

By working closely with the world's most scientifically advanced diamond growers and cutters who share our core values, we are able to offer exceptional lab created diamonds that are affordably priced and conflict-free.We pride ourselves on being a leading man made diamond retailer and know that not all grown diamonds are created equally. We offer the best, ethically sourced, 



Visit us at: 22 Ropergate, Pontefract, West Yorkshire, WF8 1LY