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Gerstner Wedding rings

Gerstner Wedding rings

August Gerstner

Have been manufacturing wedding rings for 150 years. With this experience, they are Germany’s oldest but also the country’s biggest wedding ring manufacturer. More than 100 employees and manufacture  in Gold, Platinum and Palladium in Pforzheim.

We  were looking for a German wedding manufacturer with a great heritage of design combined with exceptional manufacturing and choice .

The August Gerstner range is now over 27,000 different Rings available in 8,9,14,18,22 karat Gold , Palladium 500 and 950 and Platinum 600 and 950 . One of the first manufacturers to make using Green Gold Gerstner are always pushing the boundaries of style and variety and represent the best of Wedding Ring manufacturing . 

We are proud to be a partner here in the UK and please watch the video link to see how they manufacture their rings .



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